I am an Expert Witness, specialized in “Real Estate Properties Valuation”, certified by the Romanian Ministry of Justice in 2014, enlisted in the Experts Witness Judicial List under permit no. 50718072014.

My name is Radu Bogdan Ștefan, I have been working for the past 17 ani in the real estate sector, mainly the real estate assets depreciated in terms of technical matters and/or with legal or economic issues (also known as distressed real estate assets).

I have chosen to complete my education both in legal and economic studies. I have set my constant goals to complete my studies and gain professional experience at the same time, therefore I have annually attended certain in-depth further education courses or for certification in the real estate sector (such as ANEVAR – The National Association of Authorized Romanian Valuers, RICS – Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors with its office in London, UK, IREM – Institute of Real Estate Management, with its office in Chicago, US). At the same time, I have been involved in practical activities that helped me to understand and face the challenges occurred in real estate assets development and administration. I have completed my education practicing various forms of real estate administration, including handling issues and/or litigious relations in the real estate sector. By the diversity of the real estate management, mistakes and professional achievements, I have developed my own know-how during the time; all these helped me to achieve the elements that are a must in order to perform successfully and delivering results.

In 2014, when the Romanian Ministry of Justice organized the national examination for the Expert Witness nominations, I decided to make my knowledge available to the courts and parties under trial.

I conduct my business with maximum transparency and insight, at all times having in view to improve the quality of the Valuation Reports, best practice being the foundation of my personal working philosophy.


In chronologic order, please find my certifications and accreditations:


Member of the European Expertise & Expert Institute (EEEI)

Member of the most prestigious professional European association in property valuation – consisting of Property Valuators, attorneys, magistrates. See my certification here.


Candidate member of Institute of Real Estate Management

 Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, the US – specialized in Certified Property Manager (CPM).  See mycertification here.


Real Estate Appraiser Expert Witness

Certified by the Romanian Ministry of Justice – certificate no. 50718072014 since 2014. See my certification here.                                                                                                                                                                       .


Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

Member of the most prestigious international real estate professional association, headquarters in London – Specialized in Commercial Property Practice. See my certification here.


Property Valuation certified by ANEVAR

Certified and member of the National Association of Authorized Romanian Valuers – ANEVAR – (Asociaţia Naţională a Evaluatorilor Autorizaţi din România ) permit no. 15643. See my certification here.                                                               .


Romania Green Building Professional

Certification & Training program – RoGBC.


Master in Business Law

Master Degree in Business Law with the Law School, Romanian-American University.


Master in International Business

Master Degree in International Business of Faculty of International Economic Relations of Bucharest University of Economic Studies.     


Real estate activity

Active since 2003 in purchase, administration and sale of real estate assets mainly by special procedures (auctions, company foreclosure, bankruptcy, corporate restructuring and bankruptcy reorganization).