Analysis, vision and solutions in the judicial valuation of real estate properties!

I offer my appraisal and real estate knowledge at any procedural stage before any Romanian or International Arbitration court. I am actively involved in identifying the best solutions for any real estate properties subject to litigation, within the relationship of my legal advisory offering impartiality, objectivity and certified experience. I provide solutions and I work with alternatives so as to obtain an overview of the expertise, being proactive and open to strategic approach options.

Regardless of the type of the appraised property (industrial, commercial, residential, special purpose, etc.), the rights subject to valuation (property rights in exclusive quota, in individual quota, right of use, etc.), I elaborate my opinions in a reasoned manner, with documented arguments and in such a way that the real estate expertise report is objective, transparent, with verified information, easy to understand for any person who studies it.

Having a diversified background, in years of experience cooperating with law firms, engineers, builders, architects, surveyors, accountants, etc., they can ensure a fluent communication and ensure a unified work interface, which synthesizes reasoning and arguments from various fields. , multidisciplinary, so that the objectives of the expert report are answered, in case of need, with specific qualitative and quantitative information and which can support the conclusions of the evaluation expert report.