Representation before the court, during the subpoenas submitted by the appointed expert and on-site inspections.


As an expert witness appraiser, I can represent the party that appointed me in order to sustain professional opinions before the court and other bodies with jurisdictional attributions. During the preparation of the expert report, I may represent the party both in the subpoenas for consultations, for the procedures related to the on-site inspection as well as in any necessary procedures.

Representation before the court is ensured whenever is requested and clarifications are needed, special circumstances which require my input – as such, emphasizing, highlighting or insisting on essential aspects for conducting or approving any technical judicial expertise approach.

As an expert witness specialized in real estate valuation, regardless of the issue that requires solutions, to any entity with legal powers, I position myself in the procedures quickly, concretely and reasonably, so that the opportunity and time is maximized.