Specialized know-how, including on economic and legal issues, available to the party in written form of the expert report

The judicial expertise report is made according to the highest standards – insofar as the objectives established by the court allow, by applying the Valuation Standards issued by ANEVAR (National Association of Romanian Valuers) or IVSC (International Valuation Standards Council) – reflecting rational, reasoned, objective, confirmed and compliant analyzes in force, with specific know-how, acquired in years of experience.

ANEVAR Valuation Standards are the means by which a property appraiser is guided by the application of best practices in issuing a professional opinion – in this regard, whenever possible, in relation to the objectives set by the court, the Valuation Standards have priority.

I am objective, impartial, I present my points of view clearly and transparently, the appraisal expert witness report being a consequence of the application of the legislation, of the professional standards, of the knowledge acquired in the years of experience in the field of real estate investment trusts (REIT).