Strategic thinking and vision, with the perspective of achieving the objectives of the real estate judicial expertise


Strategies within the appraisal judicial expertise is a rare aspect in the current practice – both the experts and the law firms rarely resort to stage by stage analyzes.

Personally, I implement work strategies – among the advantages being the clarification of the objectives and the way in which they were / will be answered, the identification of weaknesses or strengths in terms of supporting at argumentative level the value of the real estate.

It is essential that before starting any legal procedure, which requires the preparation of an appraisal report, to analyze the context, the benefit, the alternatives and the possible solutions that a real estate appraisal report could offer.

Moreover, the understanding of the pursued objective determines the establishment of the stages in order to carry out the expertise, of the essential elements to be highlighted or argued and which, in fact, consist in solutions on the objectives established by the court.

Of course, just identifying the information and the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve the desired goal are not enough procedures – these being imperative to be completed with the ability to sort the quality of information, with the skill of arguing and supporting at a theoretical and concrete level the issued opinions.