Arguments and contrary points of view to the conclusions of the real estate appraisal judiciary report

The objections formulated to the real estate appraisal judiciary report are supported at an argumentative level (professional standards, legal, economical and management grounds, calculation analyzes), so as to highlight the erroneous reasoning that the appointed expert did not have in view when issued the professional opinion.

A stage that requires exigency, professionalism, reason, technical, legal and economic arguments.

The formulation of the objections are treated with maximum consideration and respect towards all the criticized opinions, being essential that through the opinion which is issued to offer clarifications, solutions and clarity.

In essence, objections are a much more complex challenge than the real estate appraisal judiciary report. The complexity of the challenge stems from the issuance of a professional opinion that must be so well supported and argued that one’s own opinion in relation to the criticized opinion must undoubtedly demonstrate that it is based on sufficient and credible information, objective and conclusive analysis, reasoning and clear conclusions, so that to be admitted by the court.